Hello and thank you for visiting. I’m Sara Tetreault, the creator of Go Gingham, a food, lifestyle, and travel blog where the focus is healthy, green, and frugal – with style.

Frugal living can be fun and fancy!

I love traveling, eating good food, decorating our home, and wearing cashmere. With home swapping, cooking at home, and buying items second-hand, our family lives well, saves, and enjoys life.

Meet Sara...Creator of Go Gingham {Styishly Frugal Living}

“Good for you, good for the environment, and good for the pocketbook,” is the sweet spot where green and frugal living come together and it’s my favorite! That’s where healthy and good for the environment equals good for the wallet.

Why Go Gingham?

I love gingham fabric and sewing, which is where the “gingham” came from. Gingham fabric is old-fashioned and cheerful ~ kind of like me. The “go” part is where I inspire others with my stylishly frugal ways.

Go Gingham came to be as a way of sharing that living well and simply with style, can cost less in money, resources, and time. Topics you’ll find here:

  • budgeting and money management tips
  • home and garden DIY projects for decorating and entertaining
  • family life with a focus on slow living
  • real food cooking at home
  • home organization, homemaking, and meal planning
  • traveling with kids and on a budget

My experience is in living this way as a wife, mother, and homemaker. Before having children, I worked for Ralph Lauren Corporate for many years and have always loved the finer things in life – I just don’t want to pay a lot for them!

When someone says, “I’m throwing this in the trash!” – my ears perk up. I’m not afraid to climb in a dumpster, wield a power tool, or install a toilet. On any day, you’ll find me wearing second-hand clothing and a smile.

About me personally….

For the last 27-years, I’ve been married to my college sweetheart. He’s my business partner, too, but is a very behind the scenes guy – and lets me have the limelight! We both like saving money and would rather invest it than spend it. We’re regular people who have done simple and smart things with our finances – and it has not been a hardship. Even though the economic downturn has touched our family, we’ve become very creative about employment. We’re definitely thriving in thrift!

Sara Tetreault | Go Gingham | Stylishly Frugal Living | with husband Sara Tetreault | Go Gingham | Stylishly Frugal Living | with husband


We live in a modest 100-year-old home that we’re renovating ourselves and it’s mostly done. We live in the city where we can use the car less, walk places, and ride bikes. (But, I’m a big wimp and really don’t like riding my bike in the rain!) We have a small yard with a vegetable garden and 3 backyard chickens. They’re our pets with benefits.

While we live frugally, we do indulge. Traveling is our indulgence.

Go Gingham: Frugal Living is rich living

 By home swapping, our family has found a way to travel the world for free! We’ve done 12 home exchanges in 10-years and have traveled in the U.S., Europe, and Canada. Home swapping is the best way for families to travel.

I love sharing the healthy, green, and frugal living message and am glad you stopped by. You can hire me to speak to your group or organization HERE.

Thanks for stopping by. You can contact me here or by e-mail:  hello at sara tetreault.com